Welcome to Felix Reinders Photography, your destination for stunning images and the opportunity to purchase prints. I am an award-winning wildlife photographer hailing from South Africa, driven by a deep passion for capturing the beauty of wildlife and sharing my adventures and knowledge with others.

As a naturalist, I find immense joy in photographing the wonders of the natural world. Some of my favorite locations include the breathtaking landscapes of Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the renowned Kruger National Park, the majestic Drakensberg mountains, and the captivating coastal lines of Southern Africa.

My photography endeavors focus on capturing wildlife in a beautiful and unique way, with the aim of telling compelling stories about their interactions with the natural world. I am incredibly fortunate to reside in South Africa, a country blessed with diverse and awe-inspiring beauty.

While wildlife photography is my primary passion, I also thoroughly enjoy studio work. In the controlled environment of the studio, I have the freedom to create specific poses and moods. Photographing children is always a delight, as their innocence and genuine expressions never fail to bring a smile. Additionally, capturing the precious moments of a newborn baby holds a special place in my heart, as it represents the beginning of a new life, perfectly formed and uncomplicated.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Felix Reinders Photography. Enjoy the journey and the remarkable images that await you.